Preserving My Family History

It would be so much more convenient to digitize my family history. Instead of looking for birth certificates, old business contracts, poetry, etc around my attic or through by grandmas dusty boxes, I can just have them at the tip of my fingertips. Digitizing makes it easy. Once my family history becomes digital, I don’t have to worry about important documents  being destroyed to deteriorating over time. Every letter and page would be crisp and clean because information would now be stored on my computer. This way my family history will forever be known and passed on to future generations. My family history would also be easier to share with other family members and friends because most , if not everything can be emailed now to anyone I wish to email my family records to. Id start out by using a computer with a proper software to handle all these records documents, and pictures. This way I can convert my family records to proper files. I’d also need a scanner with high resolution so I can scan old black and white pictures from the past. I would want these pictures to be as clear as can be, since photographs from the past are already a bit blurry. After scanning all my old family pictures and converting my documents and records into PDF files. I’d make sure to organize the information and describe each and every event, while creating some sort of timeline. In the midst of all this I’d keep a look out for copyrights and where the copyright law applies. I’d definitely start by citing my sources and tracking the source of the information if possible. If not possible I’d determine the time period the record was created and using that I’d determine if the record is protected by copyright or in public domain. After I’d get the copyright info squared away, I’d want to share my files and timeline with other family members. Depending on how large the file, I’d either use email or share my family information using websites that would allow me to share large files, especially when sharing my entire timeline with friends and family. The number one thing I’d make sure I woiuld do is back up my family information. I wouldn’t want it all in one spot, so I’d make an effort to store the information on other computers around the house, using cloud back up, or even by emailing myself the records and attachments so I can have back-up copies. Last but not least, I’d make sure I constantly update my families digital records by converting them to the most recent files that are compatible, so the files they’re under don’t become outdated or inaccessible. I’d want my family history to live on forever and I know technology and softwares are always changing and with having digital family history comes maintenance. I’d constantly make sure the information is being updated and converted. When converted, I’d back up all the content, and the cycle keeps going. That’s the beauty of history though, it repeats itself.


Education Should be Free for All

Let me start out by mentioning that the TeachersPayTeachers site is completely ridiculous especially at the level these teachers are teaching at. What bothers me the most is instead of finding ways to freely benefit our world by educating the youth in our society, these teachers are putting price tags on “Math Concepts” and “Grammar booklets.” Teachers have one of the most important roles in todays society (imo). They build and mold our future adults. The kids sitting in their classrooms will one day go out and either benefit or become a menace to society. It’s a teachers role to make learning enjoyable and comfortable for students. I’ve always believed, society shouldn’t be putting a price tag on education, especially at this level. Public schools lend their students textbooks for free, I can’t believe this site is ran by teachers. These math equation games and grammar booklets etc are aspects of teaching these teachers should be incorporating in their classrooms for free. They should want to engage their students and share these ideas with other teachers who would benefit from this idea. Instead they’re selling their idea on this “open marketplace.” This honestly shouldn’t be legal. It bothers me that this page even exists. There is some good to all of this, If I were to take a different perspective. Teachers are able to adopt different teaching styles and philosophies than what they are used to. It adds flavor to their teaching for a price. Some teachers may not have enough knowledge to lend their students about specific lesson plans or they may not know how to execute the information properly. This site helps with giving those targeted teachers basic ways to execute the lesson plans while helping them learn the content in a basic way. Ultimately though, I’m not a fan of the site just because I believe that teachers should be joining together and motivating one another freely. I understand its human nature to want to be rewarded for our bright ideas and what better way to do that than money. Money is the best incentive there is but I don’t believe it should be applied to a child and the building of their base in terms of education. The entire site is genius, and I love the free games and notecards some teachers are offering, but I hope other teachers will realize and display their ideas and tools for free, so other instructors = living in poorer areas who don’t have the money to spend on lesson plan and exciting games  can be at an advantage as well. This way education wil

“Ey Iran”

Looking back on the history of Iran, I want to know what was the root cause of the Iranian Revolution? I want to explore how bad the standard of living was back then, to pressure the Iranian people to go against their beloved Shah( king). What helped them and stimulated their success in overthrowing the Shah vs. the 2009 revolution where they failed in overthrowing the Islamic Clergy. I wonder sometimes was it because the Shah was a weak man? Did he not have enough defenses? Did he not expect his own people to betray him?Did that specific time period make a difference vs four years ago? I want to somehow answer all these questions in my potential research paper. Researching Wikipedia and some online articles (Foreign Policy “FP”), It seems as if the Shah was a bit of a tyrant because he pushed westernization and basically force-fed a modern culture to his traditional people. He was a bit extreme just has the Islamic Counsel today, the only difference is that the Shah was on the opposite extreme. I just want to know: Do the iranian people regret overthrowing their king and his family? Now that these fundamentalists are in power and oppressing the iranian people and forcing them to abide by Sharia law (islamic law), do they long for those days the Shah was in power?What I don’t understand is why were they angry at the Shah? Did they feel as if he was a lackey to the U.S? Back then, the Iranian people had so much hate for America, chanting things like “Death to America!” Why ? Did the Iranian people fear losing their kings loyalty to them? Im sure they lost faith in him but I want to know why. Aside from the Shahs obsession with working with America to better the Iranian military, what triggered their betrayal?

“Historical” topics that interest me

Ive always been interested in the Persian/Iranian Culture, mainly because I am Persian. Im very proud of my background and enjoy learning how Iran and the Iranian people have advanced throughout the years. It’s very shocking when looking back on how Iran used to be during the time of Shah Pahlavi and comparing those times to modern day Iran. Its honestly scary how much can change in the matter of 34 years. Though I already know quite a bit about Iran and significant historical events, I would love to spend some time focusing on specific instances and events that have altered Iran’s reputation. I would want to incorporate how the Media has played a huge role in altering peoples perspective. Aside from Iran, another topic that truly interests me is Feminism. I would want to spend some time researching extensively on how Feminism came to be, important feminist figures, and how it has now altered our society as a whole. I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way, but reason behind my interest in Feminism, is because I feel as if todays society puts women on a pedestal. Not saying I’m against it,  I am a woman, but it definitely has changed how society views men as well as male expectations. Men are usually portrayed as “stupid” in commercials these days. There has also been an influx  of stay at home dads lately. Ultimately, I want to focus on the changes that Feminism has brought along (positive and negative) and how that has affected society. My last topic of interest is the one and only glorious McDonalds. Oh, how I love McDonalds. I want to look into who Dick and Mac McDonald really are and how this one creation changed fast food forever. Im interested in how the Big Mac came to be because it has been apart of my life for so long, leading all the way back to my childhood. I believe that McDondalds is an interesting topic for everyone, mainly because these golden arches intertwine with our childhood . Even tough people say they try to avoid it, McDonalds will almost always hold a fond memory.