“Historical” topics that interest me

Ive always been interested in the Persian/Iranian Culture, mainly because I am Persian. Im very proud of my background and enjoy learning how Iran and the Iranian people have advanced throughout the years. It’s very shocking when looking back on how Iran used to be during the time of Shah Pahlavi and comparing those times to modern day Iran. Its honestly scary how much can change in the matter of 34 years. Though I already know quite a bit about Iran and significant historical events, I would love to spend some time focusing on specific instances and events that have altered Iran’s reputation. I would want to incorporate how the Media has played a huge role in altering peoples perspective. Aside from Iran, another topic that truly interests me is Feminism. I would want to spend some time researching extensively on how Feminism came to be, important feminist figures, and how it has now altered our society as a whole. I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way, but reason behind my interest in Feminism, is because I feel as if todays society puts women on a pedestal. Not saying I’m against it,  I am a woman, but it definitely has changed how society views men as well as male expectations. Men are usually portrayed as “stupid” in commercials these days. There has also been an influx  of stay at home dads lately. Ultimately, I want to focus on the changes that Feminism has brought along (positive and negative) and how that has affected society. My last topic of interest is the one and only glorious McDonalds. Oh, how I love McDonalds. I want to look into who Dick and Mac McDonald really are and how this one creation changed fast food forever. Im interested in how the Big Mac came to be because it has been apart of my life for so long, leading all the way back to my childhood. I believe that McDondalds is an interesting topic for everyone, mainly because these golden arches intertwine with our childhood . Even tough people say they try to avoid it, McDonalds will almost always hold a fond memory. 


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