“Ey Iran”

Looking back on the history of Iran, I want to know what was the root cause of the Iranian Revolution? I want to explore how bad the standard of living was back then, to pressure the Iranian people to go against their beloved Shah( king). What helped them and stimulated their success in overthrowing the Shah vs. the 2009 revolution where they failed in overthrowing the Islamic Clergy. I wonder sometimes was it because the Shah was a weak man? Did he not have enough defenses? Did he not expect his own people to betray him?Did that specific time period make a difference vs four years ago? I want to somehow answer all these questions in my potential research paper. Researching Wikipedia and some online articles (Foreign Policy “FP”), It seems as if the Shah was a bit of a tyrant because he pushed westernization and basically force-fed a modern culture to his traditional people. He was a bit extreme just has the Islamic Counsel today, the only difference is that the Shah was on the opposite extreme. I just want to know: Do the iranian people regret overthrowing their king and his family? Now that these fundamentalists are in power and oppressing the iranian people and forcing them to abide by Sharia law (islamic law), do they long for those days the Shah was in power?What I don’t understand is why were they angry at the Shah? Did they feel as if he was a lackey to the U.S? Back then, the Iranian people had so much hate for America, chanting things like “Death to America!” Why ? Did the Iranian people fear losing their kings loyalty to them? Im sure they lost faith in him but I want to know why. Aside from the Shahs obsession with working with America to better the Iranian military, what triggered their betrayal?


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