Preserving My Family History

It would be so much more convenient to digitize my family history. Instead of looking for birth certificates, old business contracts, poetry, etc around my attic or through by grandmas dusty boxes, I can just have them at the tip of my fingertips. Digitizing makes it easy. Once my family history becomes digital, I don’t have to worry about important documents  being destroyed to deteriorating over time. Every letter and page would be crisp and clean because information would now be stored on my computer. This way my family history will forever be known and passed on to future generations. My family history would also be easier to share with other family members and friends because most , if not everything can be emailed now to anyone I wish to email my family records to. Id start out by using a computer with a proper software to handle all these records documents, and pictures. This way I can convert my family records to proper files. I’d also need a scanner with high resolution so I can scan old black and white pictures from the past. I would want these pictures to be as clear as can be, since photographs from the past are already a bit blurry. After scanning all my old family pictures and converting my documents and records into PDF files. I’d make sure to organize the information and describe each and every event, while creating some sort of timeline. In the midst of all this I’d keep a look out for copyrights and where the copyright law applies. I’d definitely start by citing my sources and tracking the source of the information if possible. If not possible I’d determine the time period the record was created and using that I’d determine if the record is protected by copyright or in public domain. After I’d get the copyright info squared away, I’d want to share my files and timeline with other family members. Depending on how large the file, I’d either use email or share my family information using websites that would allow me to share large files, especially when sharing my entire timeline with friends and family. The number one thing I’d make sure I woiuld do is back up my family information. I wouldn’t want it all in one spot, so I’d make an effort to store the information on other computers around the house, using cloud back up, or even by emailing myself the records and attachments so I can have back-up copies. Last but not least, I’d make sure I constantly update my families digital records by converting them to the most recent files that are compatible, so the files they’re under don’t become outdated or inaccessible. I’d want my family history to live on forever and I know technology and softwares are always changing and with having digital family history comes maintenance. I’d constantly make sure the information is being updated and converted. When converted, I’d back up all the content, and the cycle keeps going. That’s the beauty of history though, it repeats itself.


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