List of My Favorite Places (Map)

I really loved this exercise. It was fun thinking about my list of favorite places and super easy. I just went on Google Maps, signed into my Gmail, clicked on My Places, then Create Map, named the map and gave a brief description in the given box, then clicked on the Directions tab on the far left and found the directions to a list of my favorite locations. Finally, I just pressed save to map and clicked on my personal map, at the bottom left. Overall, my map consists of the places I visit most frequently and that’s school, work(IAD), my friend Sophia’s house, and McDonalds. I had to include McDonalds because I can’t tell you how many times a week I crave a Big Mac, fries, and caramel frap during the middle of the night. I work 20 hours a week at the airport and the remaining bits of my free time is split between school, homework, and a minimal social life. I also included some fun spots (locations) like Rebounderz which is pretty much a building made of trampolines. In addition, I also included Great Falls park because I love that place. I spend a lot of my time running along side the trails and clearing my head on the rocks, overlooking the water. It’s a very peaceful environment. Overall, this exercise made me realize on thing: Im a bit of a homey, boring person. I don’t do much. I have way too many priorities to take care of, and I really don’t get the chance to do the things I like, often. My map is a bit scattered and a majority of my starting points begin from my personal home address. The last location I ended up adding to the map was Sweet Frog because Sophia and I always have our deep talks at sweet frog, while licking our tart flavored spoons.It’s our to go place whenever we want to gossip or talk about serious matters, it  always has to be over a cup of frozen yogurt. So all in all, those were my specific observations I made when producing my map.


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