Historical Map


This mapping assignment was even better than the last. I had a chance to play around with google maps a little more and include some added features I came across such as inserting images. I tried keeping my historical map relevant to my research topic on the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and the Shah. Overall, I consider me completing the entire assignment successfully, progress. Before last weeks assignment, I have never dealt with creating maps, let alone historical ones. I did face some challenges throughout the assignment due to the images I inserted. I’m assuming some picture files were to large because they wouldn’t show up when I’d press the Add tab. Also I wanted to include a video of an interview with the Shah right before he passed, but the video wouldn’t show up when I tried to add the link. Those were my only disappointment. Overall, the entire exercise was very useful. I have a way to incorporate a small historical map in my final project. Next time around I want to make a historical map of Iran and the where the revolution began. I finally was successful in inserting some of my pictures in the captions I provided for every marking on the map. With google maps, they offer a variety of tools to help a user form their own maps. I got the chance to pick which kind of map I’d prefer for example: Atlas, regular, etc. I found that helpful and super convenient. I ended up including the Shah’s death location and grave because he was buried in Egypt. I included Anwar Sadat the peaceful president who allowed the Shah to remain in Egypt and welcomed him with open arms. I also included Tahrir Square and the Egyptian Revolution because it was modeled after the Iranian Revolution and the Green Movement. 





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