DAYTUM Exercise w/ Pie Chart







In DAYTUM, I decided to measure 4 important aspects of my life for a weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). These aspects include: Sleeping, Homework, Work, and Social Life. I ended up charting how many hours of each I did this past weekend. As shown above it’s apparent that I’ve only spent a matter of two hours on H.W this past weekend. This is the thinnest slice of the pie chart. Based on the chart, it also seems as if I sleep a lot, which I’ve been aware of. I have Hyper-Somnia, so waking up for me is a little painful. So altogether I’ve spent a total of 31 hours sleeping. The close second goes to working. Working makes up the second largest portion of my pie chart. I ended up spending a total of 24 hours working this past weekend, on average 8 hours a day. This is very unusual because my average is 15 hrs per weekend. In this case, I had a training this past weekend. Finally, I also tracked my social life this weekend. I ended up spending a total of 4 hours hanging out with my friends, and that was on Saturday night. Overall, this exercise was fairly simple, but pointless. I’m not fan of tracking my life because I chose to just live my life without keying in my every move. I’d probably never use this website, aside from the given exercise. I did notice though that I worked a lot of hours this week and I don’t spend too much time on H.W, but again I didn’t need a chart to tell me that. My main goal is to somehow increase the time spent on H.W and studying, and incorporate more of a social life in my weekends to come.


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